Eight Man Tent

Camping round a bonfireCamping is fun

Often overlooked in our age of international travel and more exotic destinations, camping is both fun and cheap and definitely worth considering.

Camping has so much going for it but probably its most important quality is that it’s so relaxing. There’s no airports to negotiate, no flights to catch at odd times of the day, no packing everything you need for two weeks into one small case. You select a destination, load the Station wagon or whatever you drive and go.

Tent at NightA Large Tent

When you get to your destination, you pitch your tent, which becomes the base station. The great thing is that if you don’t like the sight you’ve chosen or you stumble upon a better location, you can pack up and go somewhere else.

The thing to remember about tents is that a four man tent is just that. Made for four people and little else. You want to select a tent that’s big enough to hold your belongings as well. So a larger tent will provide more room for your family and your belongings.

8 Person Tent

For a party of 4 get a 6 person tent. For a party of 5 get a 7 man tent or even an 8 person tent. There are some good examples here http://best8persontent.com

Basic BarbecueAs well as tents there’s clothing. You want to be prepared for everything nature might throw at you. Hopefully it will be warm each day but the nights will get cool. So you need jumpers and boots as well as water proof tops. Some waterproofs nowadays fit into small cubes that will neatly fit in a pocket or rucksack. So handy and convenient if it starts to rain.

Cooking and heating also have to be considered. And a lot of camp sites will have barbecue facilities or you just take a small one with you. But sometimes the weather’s against you. So bring tinned soups and pasta for those quick meals as required.