The Three Piece Suitcase

The Three Piece

Black and Blue SuitcasesI’m letting you know that the three piece suitcase set, is making a comeback. There I’ve said it. Did it ever go away?

What we really like is the variety of designs that are around these days. The patterns and colors are as individual as you are. There’s so much variety.

And one of the big benefits of purchasing a really unique individual design is that you can spot your cases a mile away on those airport carousels. Much better than the endless blacks, browns, blues, etc. You get the picture, right?

Another big benefit is storage, we’re not talking about clothes and things, we’re talking about storing the cases until your next trip. You see a three piece luggage set would have been designed so that the smaller case fits into the larger one. So you effectively have just one case to store with the other cases neatly packed inside.

Who doesn’t need more storage when they’re going away on vacation. That extra storage seems to magically appear when you extract all three cases from the one. Giving you the option to pack similar items together in each of the cases.

Bunch of SuitcasesPacking a Case

When packing it makes sense to put similar items together. I do that all the time, is a sort of habit now for me. I used to just throw everything in the case, then go. But now my packing has to be done in a more organized way. That way I feel in control.

I think a lot of people forget that clean clothes at the start of a trip becomes dirty laundry after the trip. Unless your rich enough to get it cleaned while your away, you have to bring it all back home with you. What I do is allocate the smallest suitcase from the set and fill it with all the soiled clothes. It soon gets filled. But at that stage I’m not to bothered with how that case gets packed. Here’s How to Pack

Over to You

So there you have it; the 3 piece luggage set. If you want more info on how too get them take a look here 3 piece luggage set bargins

iphone Wireless Chargers

iphone chargerWhere is the Wireless Charger for an iphone?

Many new cell phones come with wireless chargers built in, unfortunately the iPhone isn’t one of them. No doubt this shortcoming will be rectified by Apple, sometime on the future. Maybe the iPhone 9 model.

In the meantime those of us with older models or even the latest model have to connect or iPhones to a charger using Apple’s priority smart cable.

Is this so bad? Well sort of, yes it is. We charge or phones at least once a day, sometimes more. That action of inserting/removing the charging cable takes its toll. The little connector is prone to wear and tear. And if you’re too rough you can end up disabling the charging connector completely – result, a useless iPhone that won’t charge or an iPhone that charges intermittently.

What to do

But there are alternatives. The best solution is to fit your own wireless charger to the iPhone. once this is done charging is just a matter of placing the phone on top of a charging pad, that’s it. It starts charging straight away.

The great thing about these wireless charger kits is that you don’t have to take you iPhone apart to fit them. You certainly don’t want to open your iPhone as this could cause the phone to fail and would definitely void any warranty you may have.

iphoneThese kits see very simple and consist of a plate, about the size of a credit card and a connector. You can find a good range of these here at wireless charger for iphone

You fit the connector to your phone and fold the plate onto the back of your phone. The plate has an adhesive layer so it sticks to the back of the phone and that’s it. Your ready to go. It takes less than a minute to do.

The great thing is that the phone will still charge if you have your phone in a protective cover. Although it does slow the rate of charge down a little.

The other benefit is that you can share chargers with Android phones as they both use the same wireless technology.

Have a few charge pads around the house and you can charge in more than one one location. After all the charge pads are not that expensive.

wireless charging in detail