Photographers’ Light Tent

Old White Sheet

When taking shots for eBay, I was using an old white bed sheet on the floor in my bedroom. The bedroom was great because it was north west facing so it gets a nice soft lighting effect which is perfect. The problem was that I was out most of the day so did any photography in the evenings and so had to resort to room lighting, which was not so good.

Gentleman's watch photographed using a light tentTo get the shots I needed I had to wait until the weekends so that I could take the photos during the day again.

The bed sheet, I would hang from three side of my bed, using pillows and a kitbag to keep it in place, drape the sheet over the floor, which created a perfect backdrop for the products I was shooting.

This arrangement was good until I started upping my eBay activity then the whole thing became quite cumbersome and I wanted something more permanent and easier to use.

That’s when I stumbled into two things that upped my game completely. We have a spare bedroom in our apartment, which my partner likes to keep as a spare bedroom. But we reached a compromise.

Light Tent

So I got myself a light tent, you can find a good selection here

bracelets using a Light Tent

The great thing is I can leave it set up all the time but they’re really quick and easy to take down. I leave the light tent set up on the dressing table but cover it when not in use, to prevent dust settling on it.

Make sure you get the light Tent that comes with two lights, you place these either side of the tent and they shine through the translucent white material giving a soft even light. Very important to get the pro shots that help sell your stuff.

What it means is that I can take the lens cap off of my trusty Sony Alpha 7S, take photos and have everything up on ebay in a matter of minutes. A massive time saver and my pictures are better as well.

The Camera

Camera graphicThe camera you want to get, doesn’t have to be expensive but does need manual controls. I just set mine up once, check the image, making sure the product is dead center. Then set the timer, so I don’t jog the camera web when shooting.

Very important, make sure your camera can share photos wirelessly. Most do, but you don’t want to be downloading images. All that fiddling around wastes time. Also take a photos that look good and you can use straight away. Again, using photoshop just adds time to the whole process and we’ve all get better things to do.