Tripods, a great edition to your Photography

Camera on a tripod in silhouetteTripods

Modern Digital SLRs have amazing capabilities and the technology has taken these cameras to new heights, not seen before if cameras of yesteryear. So does the modern photography need a tripod anymore?

With the high ISO settings now possible you can achieve hand held shots of remarkable quality even in low light situations. Take concert venues, as an example, these are dark environments with fast movement and getting a usable shot required taking hundreds of shots to end up one or two keepers. But today’s modern cameras are more than capable of working at this extreme.

But a good tripod really comes into its own when you want more control. We use these when we have more time and can frame a shot just how we like it and fix the camera into position on top of its tripod.


Tripod Benefits

The tripod allows us to take our time and set things up just so, then all of the elements in the frame can be arranged as required.

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Tripods are very popular for landscape photographers. A large robust tripod provides a secure platform when there’s wind and the photographer wants to use a slow shutter speed in his shot. Additionally, a tripod allows you to pan the camera on one plane, so that camera follows a steady arc along a horizontal axis.





Fashion shoots t

end always fix the camera into position and have the models pose against a fixed background. Use of a tripod also allows a bigger, heavier camera to be mounted.

Wild life photography normally means high powered telephoto lenses. The bigger the aperture the bigger the lenses. And lenses get bigger really quick as the photographer needs more light or faster shutter speeds. A tripod is therefore a must. These lenses come with a mounting point actually on the lens, that’s how it’s mounted on the tripod. The camera is attached to the lens but because the lens is so much heavier than the camera, the center of gravity is now in the lens portion, that’s we attach the lens to the tripod and not the camera.


There many uses for tripods and this site goes into a lot more detail