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Hi, and Welcome to my new blog. I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Terri Watson and I love photography, period. What I’d like to share with you are various techniques and styles I come across all the time along my photographic journey.

This is not a blog to teach you photography, there’s lots of sights that can do this much better than I ever can. But there are techniques that require a bit of patience to get your head around. As I discover and practice some of these new techniques I’ll share my experiences her, with you. I keep a log as I go and intend highlight all the success and problems I encounter and the things I found out along the way.

Cameras & Technology

A lot of camera, lighting techniques always assume some prior knowledge. This can make things a bit tricky as you try to figure out what you’re being taught and have to Google your way out of trouble. The Internet is great but sometimes there’s just too much information and it’s hard to know which method to follow.

Technology has had a massive impact in photography and that has made the hobby accessible to almost everyone. But the basis of photography hasn’t changed at all. Composition, lighting, contrast are all still there and remain the basis for all photography.

The extra or redefined controls, such as white balance settings within the camera and ISO speed setting. Used to be determined by the film that you put into the camera but now they have become an extra image controls for us.

Here’s a quick overview of the three main controls that you need to know

The Software

If that wasn’t enough computer software gives the photography the ability to tweak the image to his or her liking. But software, used in post production, goes far beyond that. And whole websites are dedicated to just to these tools.

Photoshop Elements, great software to get started with, catch the overview here;

Welcome aboard

This blog assumes no prior knowledge and I hope if you follow me on this journey, I will put knowledge your way that makes sense and allows you to get going quickly and feel that, “at last”, you’re making real progress. And ultimately that’s what we all want, to be better photographers.